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Duty & Devotion

to love another person is to see the face of god

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  • roseandheather@livejournal.com
Things You Should Know About roseandheather:
Veterinary nurse. Sci-fi/fantasy fanatic. Trekkie, Fiver, Gatehead, and Wholigan. Slasher, femmeslasher, and hetshipper. Utterly loyal Ben-Addicted Cumberbitch. Hopeless romantic - as in, the kind of person who enjoys John Barrowman's escapist glorious cheesiness unironically, which should tell you quite a lot. In love with Barbara Havers of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries to a possibly alarming degree. Sometime fic writer. Frequent lurker. Animal lover. Former theatre girl. In absolute awe of Sharon Small, Elisabeth Sladen, Penelope Wilton, Catherine Tate, Mary McDonnell, Amanda Tapping, and Phyllis Logan, among others. Flails a lot about Inspector Lynley, Babylon 5, Stargate, and Star Trek. Often blunt. Sometimes an idiot. Always open to new friends!

* The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Lynley/Havers
** Note about this pairing: I can't ship either of them with anyone else, ever. They belong to each other.
* Call the Midwife: Sister Bernadette/Dr Turner
* Stargate Universe: Jack/Samantha, John/Elizabeth, Samantha/Janet, Jack/Samantha/Janet, Samantha/Elizabeth, Radek/Elizabeth, Daniel/Vala
* Babylon 5: Sheridan/Delenn, Sinclair/Sakai
* Legend of the Seeker: Richard/Kahlan
* Sherlock: John/Sherlock
* The Closer: Brenda/Sharon
* The Newsroom: Will/Mackenzie, Don/Sloan
* Star Trek Universe (Prime): Kirk/Spock, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Janeway/Paris (occasionally), Odo/Kira, Riker/Deanna, Data/Deanna (occasionally), Picard/Crusher, Nechayev/Pulaski, Janeway/Crusher (occasionally), Archer/T'Pol, Trip/T'Pol, Archer/Reed, Tucker/Reed, & Archer/Hernandez
* Star Trek Universe (Reboot): Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Chapel, Scotty/Uhura, Kirk/Rand, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Chekov/Sulu, Pike/One, Pike/McCoy, Kirk/Pike, Pike/Chapel
* Sanctuary: Helen/Will, Helen/Nikola, Nikola/Helen/Will, Helen/Ranna, Helen/Ranna/Will
* Doctor Who: Amy/Rory, Doctor/River, Doctor/Rose/Jack (or any combination thereof), Ian/Barbara
* Downton Abbey: Anna/Bates, Carson/Hughes, Isobel/Clarkson, Sybil/Branson, Edith/Anthony, Robert/Cora
* Other: Mulder/Scully, Castle/Beckett, Goren/Eames, Kurt/Blaine, John/Aeryn, and others.

1. Welcome! There is lots of personal stuff on here, but if we share common interests and/or you for some strange reason want to get to know me better, friend away! I'll usually friend back.

2. My icon skills can charitably be described as 'limited'. I do dabble, but most icons I make are for my personal use only. If you do see one you'd like, though, feel free to ask!

3. If you're looking to friend me for my (sporadic) fanfiction, you're in the wrong spot - oops! All my fic nowadays can be found through my fic-specific community, fic_bouquet, and most of it can be found on Archive of Our Own as well.
3b. This journal is friends only. Please respect that, and do not link to my personal posts. (Fic, of course, can be linked, recced, etc. at any time, should you feel the need to do so, but please link to the host community, not my journal. No actual fic is archived here any more.)

Favourite Icon Resources:
1. Jen's Icons (lilferret )
~ Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Sanctuary, Amanda Tapping, & others

2. Belanna's Voyager Page (be_lanna )
~ Star Trek (all series), some Stargate & Battlestar Galactica, & others

3. shadow_icons (shadowsong_13)
~ Sanctuary, Stargate, Farscape, Doctor Who, & others
aaron sorkin, adelaide clemens, aeryn sun, alex kingston, ali liebert, allen leech, allison janney, amanda tapping, anna smith, anna/bates, babylon 5, barbara havers, ben browder, benedict cumberbatch, betty mcrae, betty/kate, beverly crusher, bomb girls, brenda johnson, brendan coyle, bridget regan, bruce boxleitner, call the midwife, cara mason, carson/hughes, castle/beckett, catherine tate, charles carson, chris colfer, chris pine, christopher tietjens, claudia black, claudia christian, commander in chief, craig horner, darren criss, david tennant, deforest kelley, delenn, doctor who, doctor/river, dominic keating, don keefer, don/sloan, donna noble, downton abbey, dr turner, elizabeth lochley, elizabeth weir, elsie hughes, emily mortimer, gates mcfadden, geena davis, helen magnus, helen/nikola, helen/ranna, helen/will, honor harrington, inspector lynley, isobel crawley, jack o'neill, jack/sam, james kirk, jane austen, janet fraiser, jean-luc picard, jeff daniels, jenny agutter, jessica brown-findlay, jim carter, joanne froggatt, joe flanigan, john barrowman, john bates, john crichton, john sheppard, john sheridan, john watson, john/aeryn, john/delenn, john/elizabeth, jonathon young, joshua cox, kahlan amnell, kate mulgrew, kathryn janeway, kira nerys, kirk/spock, kyra sedgwick, laura main, legend of the seeker, leonard mccoy, les miserables, lynley/havers, mackenzie allen, mackenzie mchale, malcolm reed, martin freeman, mary mcdonnell, michael ball, mira furlan, nana visitor, nathaniel parker, nikola tesla, odo/kira, olivia munn, parade's end, patricia clarkson, patrick stewart, penelope wilton, phyllis logan, picard/crusher, rachel maddow, ranna seneschal, rebecca caine, richard cypher, richard dean anderson, richard/kahlan, river song, robin dunne, rodney mckay, rory williams, sam/janet, samantha carter, sanctuary, sanctuary for all, sharon raydor, sharon small, sheridan/delenn, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sister bernadette, sister julienne, sloan sabbith, star trek, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stephen mcgann, susan ivanova, tabrett bethell, teryl rothery, the newsroom, thomas lynley, thomas sadoski, tom branson, torri higginson, tracy scoggins, will mcavoy, will zimmerman, william shatner